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We provide consultancy services to the domain of airport security, border control and public safety‬. Our services include problem analysis, creative solutions, advice and reporting. We believe that one can only excel when one keeps on learning from others and thereby gain new insights. New perspectives lead to a better understanding of problems, and therefore to better solutions.


Roxanne Schadee holds a Bachelor degree in Aviation Engineering and Management (Honours program) and a Master degree in Public Administration. During her internships at the Schiphol Airline Operators Committee (SAOC) and Schiphol Group Roxanne got interested in operational multi-actor cases, especially concerning airport development. The observation of conflicting interests and negotiation strategies got her excited on the topic of complex decision-making processes. After her graduation at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science in 2009 she started her second study to get more insight in the strategic governmental role regarding airport development. She graduated (2011) on the topic of complex decision-making within the aviation industry – the so-called Alderstafel, a negotiation and decision-making platform with representatives from the aviation sector, government and inhabitants. In close cooperation with senior consultants, Roxanne developed and coordinated a new two-year track on Aviation Security & Technology at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science in 2011. Her activities included (a.o.) graduation coaching, account management with the industry, organization of crisis trials at Schiphol airport, organization of network events and security related seminars. In 2013 Roxanne started her own business – Knowledge Transfer. Via Knowledge Transfer she has been working on cases related to airport security, border control and public safety. Roxanne believes that the transfer of knowledge is essential for future solutions and generations, whether it concerns business, societal, or other aspects of life. Transfer of knowledge is therefore the key to success.

  • aviation engineering & management

    Bachelor 'Aviation Engineering & Management' // BEng // Focus on multiple perspectives, stakeholder analyses, international developments and corporation within the aviation industry. Intensive study program for excellent students.

  • public administration

    Master ‘Governance and Management of Complex systems’ // MSc // Focus on the analysis of political and administrative decision-making and problem-solving processes, in particular regarding infrastructural, mobility and water related cases.

  • Roxanne

    That's me!

  • 1 + 1 + 1 = 4

    (Aviation Engineering & Management) + Public Administration + Roxanne = Knowledge Transfer


Future of Border Checks concept

Frontex (in cooperation with Proodos B.V.)
Innovation study for an integrated passenger centric risk-based border check process, including biometric enrolment.

Capability Management System

Dutch Police (Nationale Politie) (in cooperation with Innovative Partners)
Explorative study to available capabilities and operational use cases within the Dutch police organization in order to develop a Capability Management System (Proof of Concept).


Proodos (in cooperation with Innovative Partners)
Exploration of European Union border crossing processes at airports, in order to abstract the common denominators and formulate harmonised processes.

Qualitative market research Airport Business

Royal Boon Edam International B.V. (in cooperation with Innovative Partners)
Conduction of a strategically market study for the airport business, specifically related to passenger and border control processes, and the possible optimisation of these processes by (self service) solutions.

Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT)

Netherlands Airport Consultants (NACO) / Royal Haskoning DHV
Development of NACO’s ORAT Business Plan

Aviation Security & technology

Amsterdam University of Applied Science – Aviation Academy
Development of a new graduation track ‘Aviation Security & Technology’ in close cooperation with the industry.

Aviation security & technology

newbroomz B.V.
Diverse project activities regarding airport and aviation security

Development of Schiphol Airport in a multi-stakeholder environment

Municipality of Amstelveen (Master internship)
Conduction of research towards the position and modus operandi of a midsized municipality (Amstelveen) in the decision-making process of Schiphol Airport’s development

Redesign Passenger Process

Schiphol Group (Bachelor internship)
Conduction of a study towards the implementation of Self-Service Baggage Drop-off Point (part of Redesign Passenger Process programme)